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Meeting the awesomely talented Anna Kendrick

So, I told paintedinflames I would give likeicare an exclusive from Comic Con. I bumped into Anna. Twice. Once at the Scott Pilgrim screening and then at the Scott Pilgrim experience at Comic Con.

Anna was adorably sweet and bubbly. She's super tiny too. I was with my friends when we found her outside the Balboa theater after the screening. I had seen her onstage with the cast and I had spotted her when Metric gave a surprise performance after the movie. She was upstairs with Edgar Wright, dancing along to Metric. She really got into it lol. Outside she was just talking with her agent or somebody when we asked for a photo with her. Someone was trying to whisk her away, but she told them to wait until she took the photo. :')

The second time I saw her, she was walking around the Scott Pilgrim experience (which was where you got to make free SP shirts and flipbooks and even play the video game). She was learning how to make shirts since sometimes the cast would go out and make them for fans. She stood back most of the time though and just danced to the music playing. And then she hung out with Brandon Routh and made a flipbook together. They were so cute, they pretended that she, this tiny little thing, beat him up. She then went on to do interviews, but after she was done people started asking for her autograph and she was more than willing to sign. She signed my Scott Pilgrim vol. 1 book and then she made a comment, after signing posters, that she noticed she tends to sign in the same place.

Yeah, I feel really lucky to have been in her presence. She did great in Scott Pilgrim, even though her role is a tiny one. Be sure to check it out August 13th! If any of you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them if I can. :)

Here's some photos... some of them are creeperish lol sorry I was in a line when she was just standing there. And then there's the photo of us with Anna (I'm in the white Hello Kitty shirt... I'm lame, I know lol). And yes she's on a box next to Brandon since he was a giant and towered over her.
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