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Anna Kendrick upped your game, little man.

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The First and Largest Anna Kendrick Fan Community

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Welcome to likeicare, the very first and largest livejournal community dedicated to the very lovely, and talented actress, Anna Kendrick. Anything related to Anna and her upcoming projects is welcome here.

please follow them.

• Bashing Anna Kendrick will not be tolerated here. This is a fan community that supports Anna, and any bashing of her will result in banning. There's a difference between having a simple opinion and being a jerk.
• Personal attacks of other members, rude comments, or actor/actress and character bashing of any sort will not be tolerated. These comments will be automatically deleted and you will be warned. If you continue to disrupt the community you will be temporarily or permanently banned. Your mods have a very low tolerance for stupidity.
• You’re welcome to share your icons, wallpapers, banners, fanvids, and other media. When posting icons, please post a small preview of 3-4 icons in your post. Any larger graphics must be placed behind a cut as a courtesy to those on dial-up.
• Please make sure to add tags to your posts! It helps make it easier for members to search the community, as it keeps things much more organized. The mods will ask you to tag your post if you forget. If you choose not to tag your post, it may be deleted.
• One of the most important rules: please, play nice. Be courteous. Leave the bitchiness to Jessica Stanley and your mods, we're a lot better at it than any of you anyway.
• We reserve the right to ban users from the community if the above rules are violated.
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We are the official livejournal community of Anna Kendrick Fan, the best and most comprehensive Anna site on the web. Be sure to check them out!

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