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Oscar Buzz Round-Up

Two things just popped up so I figure it's easiest to just put them in one post:

New York Magazine just posted their weekly Oscar futures. On their list of people who have moved "up"? Anna, of course :)
Best Supporting Actress UP: Anna Kendrick, Up in the Air. She impresses in a new clip. Is hers the better role than Vera Farmiga's?


tMF TALKBACK: What are the chances of Anna Kendrick winning an Oscar?
She's terrific in Rocket Science where she plays a student who is also the treacherous captain of the debating team. It was only a supporting role but she delivered quite a compelling performance. While moviegoers identify her as one of the cast of Twilight, Kendrick did quite a number of movies that speak volumes about her talent - two of them in particular has received raves for her performance - Up in the Air and Elsewhere.

^ This is actually a discussion of sorts with a much longer posting than the excerpt above.

(yes, these are the productive things I'm doing at work...)
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